First Update

Hello! Thanks for having a look at our website – bear with us as we keep working on it! Over the weeks there will be more photos put up and we will be updating the blogs so that you know all the latest.

The most up to date news is that the local council in Kapiri looked very favourably on our land application and are now just deciding the fee for the land.

Also, the Charity Commission have our application and should be able to let us know over the coming month how it is going. We should have Charity Status within a short while!!

Keep checking the pages for more news, we’ll add it as it comes in.

2 Responses to First Update

  1. Liz and Richard Bishop says:

    Dear Karolyn
    Your dad sent us a family update so it is wonderful to here all exciting. this news. The results of much hard work I am sure.Congratulations on your wedding to Martin and also on the birth of baby Ninza .
    Wishing you all every blessing in this venture.
    Liz Richard Joel and Robert.x

  2. Mrs Caroline Breaker-Rolfe says:

    Karolyn I work with your Mum Liz and she was telling me about your amazing work and commitment to the children in Zambia. You are a true inspiration and I wish you every success in your venture, I will be filling out the forms I asked your mum for and good luck from Caroline xx

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