Just one week to go!

Next Thursday (16th Jan) will see the first intake of students walking into the school in Kapiri Mposhi. This is an exciting time as we see the first phase of the project come to fruition. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to getting the school running so far.

The buildings themselves still have a lot of finishing doing, but we are still on target for receiving pupils from the 16th. The electricity provision has come to a halt for some reason, just another headache to try to sort out soon!

Our full time employed teachers will be an English teacher, Lana from Belarus, the social studies (history, geography and civics) teacher Johnson, a local man who has taught in Kapiri for a number of years, and Charity, a newly qualified Maths / Science teacher who has moved to Kapiri with her husband to take up the appointment. Karolyn will be teaching RE on a part-time basis, and of course, Martin will be the Principal, teaching Maths / Science too. The only other full time member of staff is the school Administrator George, who also is taking on the role of building project manager as well. It was great to see the teachers mucking in, cleaning windows and laying out the classrooms ready for the students.

So far the numbers of pupils registered are lower than expected. This means that we will be starting with three instead of the four classes planned for, and the class sizes are likely to be 20 or so in a class. This is lovely for the teachers, of course, but does throw our budget into disarray so that is a matter for concern.

We will update you when the first few days of school are completed!

In the meantime we need to continue to raise funds for the next phase. Please let us know if there is anything you can do to help!

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  1. Great to hear that today is the day that the school opens. I’ve been asked to fundraise for the school from my base in in the UK. Coincidentally today is my first day on the project. I wish you the teachers and students a fantastic 2014 and I look forward to talking with you by Skype before too long.

    You are in my prayers … all the best!

    Philip Roethenbaugh

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