Vinjeru Trust School has opened!

Dear supporters,
We finally opened our doors to students last Thursday, after 8 years of planning, prayer and fundraising, 2 years of challenges, hurdles and struggles getting the land, buildings and site prepared and, over the last month or so, finalising things on site, enrolling students, planning the nitty gritty of the induction days and preparing schemes of work. We have 45 students (and we certainly hope for more to enrol over the next two weeks) but had two great induction days with them, the teaching staff and our volunteers from the UK who have given invaluable advice and support. This week has seen the start of normal teaching, and all of us can say we have been exhausted, but have really enjoyed it, as have the students.

We cannot thank you enough for the encouragement and support you have all shown, some in the forefront but many in the background. We have some heart wrenching stories to tell of students that you are helping in their education through the bursary scheme, and stories of how things are going here now that students are in the classrooms but we just wanted to whet your appetite with a brief email and some photos. More will follow over the coming weeks.

Thank you everyone and most of all, thanks to God for allowing us the privilege of seeing this vision come to fruition.

Love and Blessings,
Martin and Karolyn

2 Responses to Vinjeru Trust School has opened!

  1. AMY says:

    We thank God.

  2. AMY says:

    Truly God is faithful .We thank God.

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