About Us

Martin and Karolyn Simbeye relocated to Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia, in March 2012 with their children Ninza and Safila. In the last few years they have added to the family with the happy arrival of Nasubila and Nachila. Martin, Karolyn and the family now live on the site of The Vinjeru Trust School where they manage the education facility and oversee the continuing construction process.

Karolyn and Martin are both qualified, graduate teachers and have drawn upon the expertise of many skilled and generous people in the UK and Zambia to help this project develop. It has taken many years to build and run a functioning school and architects, fundraisers, builders and educational experts have all played a part.

A group of UK based Trustees have been working with Martin and Karolyn over the last five years to raise funds for the building of the school and offer management and logistical support.

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