How will the school grow?

The History

Through generous giving from many small donors in the UK sufficient funds were allocated to purchase land and start construction.

In 2013 the land was secured, permissions granted and building work started on the first classrooms.

In 2013 building of the first teaching block was completed, resources sent from the UK and teachers were recruited and trained ready for the opening of the school.

In January 2014 the doors were opened to the first students in Grade 8 and teaching started as building continued on more classroom blocks, teachers houses and facilities.

In January 2015 the second cohort of students was admitted to the school.

In December 2015 the first students took national exams and achieved excellent results increasing the popularity of the school.

In January 2016 the third cohort of students was admitted to the school and welcomed into our community.


The Future

As the school continues to grow the next phase of the building work is planned for 2017. The main teaching blocks should be completed by 2020 providing 600 places.

More teachers are being trained and employed so that the school will provide education for every year group, and each subject will be delivered by a specialist.

Access classes are being planned so students who do not pass the entry examination can do so the following year. This will mean more children can have access to the high-quality education.

Boarding facilities are planned will be provided to enable students from the surrounding villages to attend classes without walking for miles every morning and afternoon.

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