Funding Model and Future Requirements

To build a school is going to be an expensive endeavour and we have achieved what we have so far due to generous giving of many people in the UK.

Over the years, the building and running of the school has been funded by a group of people who give regularly to the trust and people who have given one off gifts. Phase one and two are now complete and we are looking to phase three and four to complete the school.  To date, we have raised £250,000 to facilitate the building and running of the school and the project will cost a further £430,000 to complete the school.

The trust has applied for funding from trusts in the past, however, this has only resulted in small amounts of income. We therefore are looking to increase the number of people who give regularly to the school while also seeking innovative income generating solutions in Zambia and the UK.


The purpose of the Trust is to build a sustainable, self-funding school. We hope that in due course all the costs will be met by affordable school fees with the poorest children receiving scholarships and even life bursaries.

For more information on how you can support the school please click here.

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