Why a Primary School?

The History

When Martin and Karolyn went to Zambia they started home schooling their children due to the difficulty of finding high-quality primary education in Kapiri. When other families joined the teaching team from the UK their children joined the home schooling programme which blossomed into a small primary school – Flying Kites. The small primary school soon earned a reputation and people were approaching Flying Kites for places for their children. The primary school grew organically and soon was able to fund the construction of buildings and the importing of resources from the UK.

In June 2016 the Vinjeru School board of trustees decided to adopt the Flying Kites school into the Vinjeru School Trust. The board was motivated by the governing documents of the trust and a passion to see excellent education available from pre-school to the end of secondary education.

The Future

Under Vinjeru School Trust we want to add to the resources, buildings and importantly support to the teaching staff on the ground.

We look forward to seeing the school grow sustainably offering education that focuses on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development in pupils.

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